The Best and Creamiest Whipped Cream

It’s a staple in almost all of our homes. I’m talking about everyone’s favorite dessert condiment. It can be used to sit proudly on top of a delicious ice cream sundae, or be used to top a piece of pie. It’s used to dip fruit in, or to add a cool and creamy burst of flavor to a warm cup of hot chocolate. I’m talking about whipped cream. It’s literally used for almost anything in dessert world. This is because it’s the perfect component to truly finish a recipe off and give it that added something. There’s many recipes a person can’t even finish their dessert without having this added. Unfortunately, many of us are guilty of running to the store to pick up a bottle or a can of whipped cream. Perhaps were too lazy to make our own or maybe we’ve just never been shown how. Whatever the reason, it’s time to stop buying this creamy condiment, and start making our own! My simple recipe will never have you looking back to the store.

All that’s needed to make some creamylicious whipped cream is vanilla extract, heavy cream, and confectioners sugar. These are ingredients that I always have laying around my house, which is what makes this so much cheaper than buying the store bought stuff!

This recipe is so simple I guarantee that anyone can do it. I start by beating my cream and then I add in the vanilla extract and the confectioners sugar. Voila! It’s easy as that. It’s also super quick and requires very little work. That is why this is a perfect recipe to make around the holidays. After all, we’ve been baking and stressing all day on special occasions. The last thing we want to do is worry about dessert. That’s why quickly whipping up this whipped cream is perfect! It’s no stress, and people will rant and rave about how delicious it is.

Overall, store bought whipped creams aren’t very good. They’re not creamy, they’ve got a lot of unnecessary added ingredients like preservatives, and you aren’t truly experiencing the great taste that you could get from homemade. That is why I encourage you all to start making your own. Everyone will be impressed and will truly be able to tell the difference. People won’t even know just how simple the recipe is either! You can let on that it was something a lot more complicated. Either way, it will be a hit. Make sure you make enough, because from personal experience people will keep adding more and more because they’ve never tasted something so good! Happy baking. Whip up a bit batch, and you can even save some in the fridge for another day.