Frequently Asked Questions

Stand mixers are not reserved for professional chefs any more. A lot of people are including this product among their kitchen appliances. They have realized the benefits of the mixer to be valuable. Customers intending to buy this product may prefer to be educated more about this product before they buy it. Here is a list of frequently asked questions that a person intending to buy stand mixer would like to know.

How do I know the model number of my stand mixer? How will I find it? The model or type number on stand mixture can be found at the bottom of the appliance.

Why would you place an item on you site while at the same time is out of stock? The inventory is updated after 24 hours, and due to high demand, the systems may not reflect a product that has sold out immediately.

How long will you take to charge my credit card? The charging will be done once the order has been shipped. An item that is on the “back-order status” will not be charged until the actual shipment is done. Some parts are special and when they are ordered, charging is normally done when the order is being processed.

Is it possible to change or cancel my order? The orders are shipped as quick as possible within 48 hours or less. As such, it is not possible to change or cancel an order. Special order parts are not cancelled at all cost since we do not have inventory of those parts.

How soon is the order delivered? Most orders are processed within 48 hours, and depending on your location, shipping time will take three to seven days.

How much is the shipping charges? It will depend on the weight of the order as well as the place of shipping, some vendors offer free shipping.

Is my personal information kept private? The privacy of customers is very vital. We don’t share your private information with third parties.

How safe is it to use my credit card online? When using Amazon’s payment system, you are assured 100% security for your card. The trust and security is very critical, they are mandated to keep all your transactions secured.

Another crucial thing people would like to know is whether we do international orders? Visit for more information about that.

People interested in buying these products should get this crucial information to enable them make sound decision concerning our products. We are committed to offering quality products to our visitors to make them feel satisfied. If you have an order you want to make you can contact and place your order. They will not hesitate but proceed to process it as soon as possible.