Simple but unforgettable Homemade Raisin Bread recipe.

There really is nothing more delicious than a well made batch of raisin bread. It really is a magical thing. For one, the aroma left from baking this treat will leave your home smelling absolutely wonderful. Secondly, raisin bread is delicious and versatile. There are so many different routes we can take when baking this recipe. Do I want it healthy? Do I want in sinful? Do I want to add other components such as cinnamon or chocolate chips to spice things up? Finally, raisin bread is great to make because really it’s acceptable to eat at any time. It’s perfect as a stand alone breakfast food. It’s also perfect as a lunch time snack, or a dessert following dinner. How do you make this bread? It’s quite simple actually. Here’s my favorite way to do it.

To begin, I have to make the bread. This is actually quite simple and fun for those who have never done it. I combine yeast with some warm water. Eggs, sugar, butter, salt, and my raisins get combined in a separate bowl next. Once I have those ingredients mixed together, I add some room temperature mix. Finally I combined those with my yeast. Next I have to practice self restraint as I wait for my bread to rise. I knead the dough and place it on a pan after greasing it. It’s covered with a cool damn cloth to help the process. When it has risen it’s time to shape the dough and bake it! Once it’s all done baking, it’s time to enjoy all that hard work, and the delicious smells that have been filling my home.

I’ve never had a bad experience with raisin bread, and neither has anyone I’ve
Made it for. Out of all the options given before, my favorite is creating it for breakfast. It does have a bit of a time consuming process like all breads too. Therefore we tend to make it on special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas mornings. It’s homemade though, and you just can’t beat homemade. Buying a store bought loaf will never be the same. Those kinds are dry and not as flavorful.

Overall, I encourage everyone to try it if they want to add a new recipe to their repertoire. There’s also a lot of fun variations i try. I enjoy mixing cinnamon with my bread too. When all is said and done, I like to serve my homemade raisin bread warm with a little bit of butter. There are of course different options on how to serve this treat, it all just comes down to personal preference. I’ve learned though that you really can’t go wrong with homemade raisin bread.