Setting Up and Using Your Stand Mixer Safely

I am going to assist you in getting your Stand Mixer set up and go over some safety precautions.

Of course the first thing you want to do is remove it from the box. Do not lift it or pull on the cord in any way, this could damage your mixer. Gently place your stand mixer on a sturdy counter and away from the edge. This will keep it from falling off and causing injury or damage to the machine.

Be sure to place it near an outlet and make sure the cord is not hanging over the side. If you do not have a grounded outlet – it has three holes vs. two – or 120v receptacle, you will need to have it replaced or find another outlet. If any of the prongs on the plug get bent or broken the plug will need to be replaced or you run the risk of electrocution or fire.

Oh, and don’t use an extension cord. Move the mixer closer to the outlet if you find the cord is too short.
Don’t plug it in yet. First, make sure all of the attachments are clean. Do not immerse any part of the mixer in water. Liquid will ruin the motor and yes, may cause a fire. Decide which attachment you are going to use. Let’s say you are going to make cookies. I recommend the flat blade to start. Make sure it is locked into place. If it is loose it could fly off and cause injury.

Now plug it in, and start adding ingredients. Start on the lowest setting and gradually increase the speed. For cookie dough I find a setting of two or three is sufficient. When scraping the sides be sure to turn off the mixer. If the spatula gets caught in the blade it could pull your hand into the moving parts. Once you have added all the ingredients the dough may become thick and prolonged use of the flat blade could cause the motor to overheat.

When I make chocolate chip cookies I change over to the spiral attachment just before I add the chocolate chips. I find they mix in better. Keep the blade in the bowl when in use. Before changing the attachment turn off the mixer and unplug it. This will prevent accidentally turning on the mixer and causing injury.

We’ve set your mixer and used it. When I put mine away I unplug it and put all the clean attachments inside the bowl. I then place a cover over it to keep the dust out. Following these tips should keep you safe and prolong the life of your mixer.