Multi Purpose Stand Mixer - Just Be Creative

A stand mixer is a great small appliance that’s on my countertop, and I just couldn’t imagine not having one. I used to have a hand mixer, but it doesn’t compare in strength to my stand mixer. The reason I have a stand mixer is because it can mix almost everything I can think of. My stand mixer is used for so many different things, and I am known as the cook around the home because I’m always creating something new.

I have a multipurpose stand mixer, and I use it to do so many things that I couldn’t possibly calculate the different dishes I’ve created. First of all, I love creating cookies with my mixer. I can throw all the ingredients in at once if I want, and the mixer is so strong that it’ll power right through the ingredients, and they mix up smoothly. I’ve made some of the best cookies in my life with my standing mixer. I don’t limit myself to one type of cookie either because I’ve made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, brownie cookies and more.

I love cheesecake, and I’m one of the best cheesecake makers that I know. The only problem with making cheesecake is that the ingredients have to be added at the right time. If cheesecake isn’t mixed properly, it’s possible to get a flat cake that has a lumpy texture. My standing mixer is perfect for cheesecake, compared to when I used to have a hand mixer. The stand mixer will beat the cream cheese without freezing, overheating, or getting stuck. The stand mixer is strong enough to power through the cream cheese, and then I can add in the eggs, sugar, sour cream, and any other special ingredients I want to add.

I can’t forget about making mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are amazing when they go in my stand mixer because they come out creamy and delicious. I just add a little bit of milk, and it’s unbelievable how tasty and soft my mashed potatoes come out. Many people don’t think about this, but I even make pasta in my stand mixer. I’m trying to cut back on the processed foods, and homemade pasta is just healthier, so I make pasta at home.

I have obtained several recipes for making pasta, and my stand mixer can do it all, and then I’ll refrigerate my pasta to use it later when I needed. I have an elderly person that I care for my home, and they love soup, but they have no teeth. My standing mixer is perfect for mixing together vegetables for a creamy soup, and it’s smooth enough for my elderly parent to sip the soup with a spoon. I just love my standing mixer.