How A Good Stand Mixer Can Make Your Life Easier

I’m a person who loves countertop appliances, especially my stand mixer. I picked up a stand mixer because the hand mixer I used to have would burn out very quickly. I really have come to find out how much easier my life is since I’ve purchased a stand mixer. I use my stand mixer for just about everything, and I use it on a daily basis. If I’m in a rush to make dinner, the stand mixer is a great help to me. I can easily create amazing mashed potatoes. After I cook the potatoes, I just throw them in the stand mixer and add milk.

I’ll quickly have mashed potatoes as a side dish for dinner, and the mixer will be working while I continue to make dinner. When it comes time for the kids to have a treat, my stand mixer is what gives it to them. My kids love cakes and cookies as well as brownies. Some people who don’t not bake all the time, they may not realize the care that goes into making certain bakery items. I’ve been able to bake all kinds of bakery items in my stand mixer, and I just couldn’t make these treats without it.

If I want to make doughnuts for the kids, I can easily put all the ingredients in the mixer, and I’ll quickly have dough for doughnuts. All I have to do next is let the dough sit and rise. If I’m making brownies, I can actually throw all the ingredients in the mixer at one time, mix it thoroughly, and then I have brownies to bake. If I can get away with putting everything in the mixer at once, I can easily make any food, and it’s without much effort.

Another way that my standing mixer makes life easier is when it comes time for mixing dough of any kind. In the past, I used to use a fork and a bowl to mix dough, and then I would work it with my hands. It can be a real pain to make dough by hand, so my stand mixer makes it a lot easier and convenient for me. All my ingredients can go into the mixer, and then I’ll have an amazing dough that I can work with.

I can’t forget about frostings. There are certain frostings that have to be put in a mixer, and they come out amazing. My favorite frosting is cream cheese frosting, and I have different variations that I make. Cream cheese can be tough on a mixer, but my standing mixer is powerful enough to mix it. After mixing the cream cheese, I’ll throw in the confectioners’ sugar, some lemon juice, and then I have a creamy and delicious frosting.